2023. 12. 19. Taiwan Judicial Yuan delegation’s SNU Visit

20 Dec 2023
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The Asia-Pacific Law Institute welcomed a visiting delegation from Taiwan Judicial Yuan at Room 204, Bldg.15-1 and discussed the administrative trial and administrative mediation systems. The meeting was attended by Professor Jong-ik Chon, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Professor Seongwook Heo, Director of the Asia-Pacific Law Institute, Professor Gye-Jung Lee, Deputy Director, Professor Guangwen Jiang and Professor WU Ying-Chieh. The delegation was represented by Justice 吳東都 who is the the Chief Justice of the Supreme Administrative Court, and Justice 王俊雄, Justice 楊坤樵 , Justice 李協明, Justice 楊得君, Justice 林靜雯, Justice 陳彥霖. The conference was moderated by Professor Guangwen Jiang, followed by an opening speech by Director Seongwook Heo. Professor Eun-sang Rhee of Seoul National University School of Law gave a presentation on "Administrative Tribunal and Mediation System in Korea," and the delegation asked further questions about the theoretical and practical status and recent trends of the administrative tribunal and administrative mediation system in Korea. Prof. Rhee answered questions from his many years of experience as a judge in addition to his academic research, and the meeting continued with a lively discussion of the administrative trial and mediation systems in Korea and Taiwan, as well as Japan and Germany.

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